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We review indie music bands in our newspapers. a music promotion in our newspaper. Independent music reviews of rock, rap, reggae, soca, country, jazz or blues.

Here my dilemma. I wear two hats. One is that I’m the music editor of three community newspapers that goes out to 50,000 homes in Toronto. These monthly newspapers needs stories about music. But I’m evil, right down to the core. Because my other hat I wear is that of the owner of a company that presses cds.  You guess it www.dbsduplication.com. So if you have bought cd pressing from me over the last year please send your pics and bio so I can run it in the paper. If you’re thinking about cd pressing our price is still just $999.00 per 1,000 retail ready cds. And yes we will feature you in the newspaper as a result of your purchase from my cd pressing firm. Link on the left will show reviews that have been printed

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Web Sites Focused On Music: Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Blues, Gospel, Dance

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